GPOH Phase I/II Network Southwest
Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

The GPOH Network Southwest promotes the access to innovative therapies in early clinical trials for children with malignancies in the southwest region of Germany. 

Innovative therapies for affected children 

The Network Southwest is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide the best possible support for science and research. We want to improve the care of children with malignancies, especially where standard therapies have failed.

Clinical trials with high reliability

Our coordinating office enables close management between all partners involved in early clinical trials. We support administrative processes and ensure that early clinical trials are smoothly conducted and completed in compliance with all relevant guidelines and standards.


Strong partners with common goals

The Network Southwest unites 13 independent institutions for pediatric hematology and oncology, all members of the GPOH. The network ensures a collegial exchange with each other and a quick transfer of knowledge for the benefit of the patients.

Contact: Please feel free to contact us.

The right contact person for your project?

Please contact us to find highly experienced partners to conduct planned clinical trials.

GPOH Phase I/II Network Southwest at a glance

Zentren im Forschungsverbund Südwest

13 Centers for pediatric oncology, all members of the GPOH

Part of the European network
4 designated ITCC-centers


20 open clincial trials

in early clinical trials (PHASE I AND II)
in pedatric oncology and hematology


Central coordination office for  the management of clinical trial requests


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